BizAnalytics announced a strategic partnership with MakingLab SpA and Qubix SpA

April 1st, 2020

BizAnalytics signed a mutual collaboration agreement with MakingLab SpA and Qubix SpA, both companies headquartered in Chile.

Through this agreement, MakingLab and Qubix will provide BizAnalytics’ solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Chile. As a result, BizAnalytics will have a strong presence in Chile to grow its business in this country.

Commenting on the agreement, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Founder & CEO of BizAnalytics noted: “We are very pleased with this partnership with MakingLab and Qubix. It will help us to expand our business to the region".

About MakingLab and Qubix
Both companies are specialized and leaders in the Digital Business and Digital Transformation process.

Agreement with IES

November 13, 2019

BizAnalytics signed and mutual collaboration agreement with IES University. The agreement will allow the integration of students and graduates to BizAnalytics business. At the same time, BizAnalytics will extend its offer of solutions and services to companies associated with the University.

As part of the same agreement, both entities will build together an Artificial Intelligence lab, to explore the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With this agreement, BizAnalytics starts its objective of getting closer to the education world and starts collaborating in the education of new resources in this specialty in an expansion that promises to be between those with the higher demand in the near future.

Agreement with FaMAF

March 30, 2019

BizAnalytics and FaMAF signed a mutual cooperation agreement. In the extent of the program "Vinculación Tecnológica de la Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba" (Argentina) for the mutual collaboration in the following fields: Artificial Intelligence and smart processing of data for Research and Development projects and Feasibility Studies, among others; Technology research and development initialization Scholarship articulation.

This agreement presents a unique opportunity for BizAnalytics to count with highly qualified resources for complex Research and Development projects, open the doors not only to recent graduates from FaMAF, but also students who can do their first working experiences as interns in our company.

Agreement with "Ministerio de Modernización de la Provincia de Córdoba"

March 20, 2019

BizAnalytics and the Modernization Ministery of the Córdoba Province (Argentina) signed a business opportunity exploration agreement. The agreement will look for opportunities of application of our service End to End Business Solution in the Ministery areas of business with the objective of optimizing processes, results, efficiency & accuracy, costs, fraud detection, among others.

In the same context, the parties agree to cooperate related to Research and Development, and in the development of Proof of Concepts of state-of-the-art solutions through the use and application of Smart Technologies.


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