Proof of Concept

In vertical market solutions (VMBS, see solutions), the Proof of Concept is an optional project. The main reason is that the main objective of a proof of concept is to "prove" a conceptual model, but in vertical market solutions models have been extensively proven. However, the project is optional and can be requested by the client.

The limited scope of a PoC can include limited results, work over partial information, unoptimized and unformatted results, etc.

The result of this project is a product that can be applied directly to a limited portion of the data with partial but tangible results and easy to visualize at a business level and, above everything else, measurable.

Even though the final result can still be optimized and/or complemented, it should be enough to validate the proposed model value.


Like every other system partially based on information technology, maintenance is a process and natural stage of the system.

Maintenance Options

  • Results adjustment
  • Processing capacity increase
  • Production variables adjustment
  • Complementary training
  • Adjustments due to application business units changes
  • Re-appriopriation of origin data

Solutions Hosting (SaaS)

Our solutions can be deployed to production on-premise over the client's infrastructure as well as under our cloud-based infrastructure as a service (Software as a Service).

Solutions hosted in our infrastructure have the following characteristics:

  • Project-sized infrastructure
  • Unlimited and flexible scaling
  • Monthly payment (optional yearly) with cancellation at any time
  • Personalized design (it does not share resources with other clients)
  • Managed implementation (the client just uses their solution)
  • 24x7 Monitoring