Founded in 2019

We were born due to Organizations needing to be more efficient, profitable and competitive. Because of that, we develop products and solutions allowing to improve efficiency and automate business high-impact processes that generate competitive advantages.

To achieve the above, we leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and self-learning (Machine Learning) enabling business results evolution over time.

To succeed through our purpose we founded BizAnalytics based on 3 fundamental pillars:

Business Focused

Business focused. In the current competitive market, technology as a software or hardware resource is a commodity. With thousands of technology providers in a globalized world, we decided to take a different role closer to our clients than Technology. Our goal is to help our clients convert Technology into a tangible and measurable benefit for their business.

Agile Methodologies

Agility. There's no doubt Agile Methodologies changed the way companies think and implement their processes. For us, Agile methods are our fundamental way to add value to our clients at every step of our solutions and services breaking barriers most technology companies have because they were only able to show results at the end of a project.

People First

People first. It's been a while since "business is business" changed into "business is people" recognizing the fundamental role people have in the business. For us, recognizing this role means working with people and for people, and that's how we approach our clients. A good working environment, improved communication, and the integration of the client's stakeholders are part of our culture where people are first.

We believe that to be leaders we have to work with people with integrity, who share values of the highest moral and professional exponents. We want people working on our client's projects feeling not only proud of their short-term achievements but that in 30 years they can continue being proud of what they did and how they did it.

Our Vision

Be a referent for companies looking to make a difference in their businesses through the implementation of Smart Technologies.

Our Purpose

To empower companies through the use of Artificial Intelliogence so that they become more competitive.

Our Values

  • Fear no change
  • Team first
  • People matter
  • Work with passion
  • Keep it simple